For all members, there is a new members forum on the members page. Join there to discuss animation topics.
I joined a site some time ago for filmmakers called It has a lot of forums and news about christian film and gives lots of advice on moviemaking.
The film festival is ready for all entrees. Please enter. If I do not have enough movies, though, I will call it off.
Hello everyone! I have a new project up. It's Knight of Archon. If you would like a part, or help animate it, please contact me a secretagent 623 at gmail.
Attention members! I am still waiting for some tips to go up. If you are interested in letting us know a trick or tip, contact me here secretagent623 at There are still many tips and tricks out there, especially in the special effects section.
Members, for commenting on posts (I should have made this clear) please use your user name as your name.
Hey, More new members! This site is starting to roll! I'd enjoy some articles on tips and tricks, or movies! (One movie is under process of being posted)
Brickfilms! All right, that's no greeting. Never mind. For new members please start by contacting me. I accept scripts, storyboards, and clips of movies you'd like to make, but couldn't, and maybe they can be made. I'm planning to open a Projects page for projects for every filmmaker to work on. Meanwhile, read the tips and tricks, watch the movies, and check out the film festival. Enjoy!