It's been a long time since I started this site and readied a film festival. I'm hoping we'll be able to have one this year. Our projects will be updated soon. Knight of Archon, I don't have enough legos to make, so it has been pushed back. Two more projects are going to pop up in the near future.
Hello everyone! I have a new project up. It's Knight of Archon. If you would like a part, or help animate it, please contact me a secretagent 623 at gmail.
Hey, More new members! This site is starting to roll! I'd enjoy some articles on tips and tricks, or movies! (One movie is under process of being posted)
YES!!!!!! The view page has finally been fixed, and now I'm ready for all your movies!!! So send them in, you can view all the movies on the page. Also check out the new projects page, just made yesterday. Send me projects! Enjoy the Site!
Very quickly, I have set up a projects page, and placed on it two projects! If you have a film project you would like help with (i.e. voices, guys, physical help, editing) post it on here, where all the members who think they can do it pitch in and help! Please don't post impossibles (such as a project that requires you to show a million minifigs (the underground 2 project in the script has a scene towards the end that does that, and I think I found a way to get around it) and have fun. This is to help the members to connect more and to be able to work together as a studio and christians to make films.
Videos are ready to be posted. Just send me an email: secret agent 623 at, and attach your movie. I will post it on this website. Must have first name. Last name is not required. We will read the email, and see if the movie is okay. Then we will approve it and post it on the website. I will stick my logo on the end, but everything else is yours, and I will post it telling the site that (first name here) created this movie. So send them out!
I've got a video ONLINE! It's the Wreck. My first "okay" movie. Working on other movies. Almost ready for sending movies to post on website. Working on join section. Problem there. I've received no member joins. I think there's a problem with it.
Ugh. I can't put up video. If you can give me some suggestions, they would be helpful. If you are interested in filmmaking, are making a film, or have made a film, please join. Post your tips and tricks. I'm working on setting up a forum.




More troubles. Now, knowing there's definitely going to be mac users out there, We tried to get the movies on by using a download system. It's not working. Help would be appreciated.
After many, many, many unsuccessful tries to get video on the web, we finally got to get it to work by placing a windows movie maker file instead of a video on the web. Unfortunately, this means that the video will only work on Windows Vista and up. We are working on getting the movies to be downloaded as video, and eventually displayed as video. Check out the movie!