THe Film Festival is over. The Button won first prize. Sorry for the problem with this festival folks. The festival was more of an analysis.
Film Festival deadline is october 20th.
It's been a long time since I started this site and readied a film festival. I'm hoping we'll be able to have one this year. Our projects will be updated soon. Knight of Archon, I don't have enough legos to make, so it has been pushed back. Two more projects are going to pop up in the near future.
The film festival is ready for all entrees. Please enter. If I do not have enough movies, though, I will call it off.
Film Festival is starting to get rolling. Waiting for more members. You MUST be a member to enter the film festival. 
For all: We are currently trying to start a film festival. The more members, the sooner the film festival. I will notify when the the Festival will happen. All movies will be placed online. Eventually, we may give out prizes. If you have a film that was submitted to the view page, you can still submit it to the film festival. This is for entertainment. Competition is still in, but it will be more for the fun of seeing and critiqueing (you will get to submit your own critiqueing of each others films) your own and others films.