Help post. Any questions that you would like to be answered and used so that others can benefit from, comment here. I will try to respond and help. Please do not give out real name or email address in comment.
New article on mouth animation is open.  If you need help with it, please respond to HELP! post, or contact me. I'll soon have a glueface movie up that has characters that are minifigs.(my first one was just a head.)
Check out the custom Brickster Island Studios Search Engine. It's 
Videos are ready to be posted. Just send me an email: secret agent 623 at, and attach your movie. I will post it on this website. Must have first name. Last name is not required. We will read the email, and see if the movie is okay. Then we will approve it and post it on the website. I will stick my logo on the end, but everything else is yours, and I will post it telling the site that (first name here) created this movie. So send them out!