January 01/24/2012
Happy New Year everyone who visits this site. Sorry for the 4 week delay...
Updates 12/21/2011
We are working on improving the search engine and making a search engine for movies.
Updates 12/21/2011
We have just recently updated the site with a new logo, and a redesigned view page.
Member Forum 12/20/2011
For all members, there is a new members forum on the members page. Join there to discuss animation topics.
Film Festival 11/14/2011
THe Film Festival is over. The Button won first prize. Sorry for the problem with this festival folks. The festival was more of an analysis.
Film Festival 10/09/2011
Film Festival deadline is october 20th.
The Password Protection for the site is now up!
I joined a site some time ago for filmmakers called Christianfilmmakers.org. It has a lot of forums and news about christian film and gives lots of advice on moviemaking.
Update 09/07/2011
It's been a long time since I started this site and readied a film festival. I'm hoping we'll be able to have one this year. Our projects will be updated soon. Knight of Archon, I don't have enough legos to make, so it has been pushed back. Two more projects are going to pop up in the near future.
Film Festival! 06/14/2011
The film festival is ready for all entrees. Please enter. If I do not have enough movies, though, I will call it off.